Static methods


Get the current state of whether console virtual terminal sequences are handled by libuv or the console.

This function is not implemented on Unix, where it returns UVError.UV_ENOTSUP.

@:noExprstaticgetWinSize(this:Tty):Result<{width:Int, height:Int}>

Retrieves the current window size.

@:noExprstaticinit(loop:Loop, file:File):Result<Tty>

Allocates and initializes a TTY handle.

The handle should be cleaned up with eval.luv.Handle.close when no longer needed.


To be called when the program exits. Resets TTY settings to default values for the next process to take over.

@:noExprstaticsetMode(this:Tty, mode:TtyMode):Result<NoData>

Sets the TTY's mode.


Controls whether console virtual terminal sequences are processed by libuv or console. Useful in particular for enabling ConEmu support of ANSI X3.64 and Xterm 256 colors. Otherwise Windows10 consoles are usually detected automatically.

This function is only meaningful on Windows systems. On Unix it is silently ignored.