Event loops.

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Static methods


Indicates whether the loop is monitoring any activity.


Releases resources associated with an event loop.

@:noExprstaticconfigure<T>(this:Loop, option:LoopOption<T>, value:T):Result<NoData>

Sets the loop option.


Returns the default event loop.


Allocates and initializes a new event loop.


Releases any state libuv is holding on to.

Normally there's no need to do this manually.

Warning! Only call Loop.libraryShutdown() once. Warning! Don’t call Loop.libraryShutdown() when there are still event loops or I/O requests active. Warning! Don’t call libuv functions after calling Loop.libraryShutdown().


Returns the cached loop timestamp.

@:noExprstaticrun(this:Loop, mode:RunMode):Bool

Runs an event loop.


Stops an event loop as soon as possible.


Updates the cached loop timestamp.