Static methods

staticselect(read:Array<Socket>, write:Array<Socket>, others:Array<Socket>, ?timeout:Float):{write:Array<Socket>, read:Array<Socket>, others:Array<Socket>}




Inherited Variables

Defined by Socket


Available on cs, java, python, hl, cpp, neko, macro, php

A custom value that can be associated with the socket. Can be used to retrieve your custom infos after a select.

read onlyinput:Input

The stream on which you can read available data. By default the stream is blocking until the requested data is available, use setBlocking(false) or setTimeout to prevent infinite waiting.

read onlyoutput:Output

The stream on which you can send data. Please note that in case the output buffer you will block while writing the data, use setBlocking(false) or setTimeout to prevent that.

Inherited Methods

Defined by Socket


Change the blocking mode of the socket. A blocking socket is the default behavior. A non-blocking socket will abort blocking operations immediately by throwing a value.


Allows the socket to immediately send the data when written to its output : this will cause less ping but might increase the number of packets / data size, especially when doing a lot of small writes.


Block until some data is available for read on the socket.