For the moment, the signals exposed are those that are both present on Unix and present or emulated by libuv on Windows.

You can also provide a plain integer signal code instead of the values of this enum.

See also:

Static variables

@:enumstaticread onlySIGABRT:SigNum

@:enumstaticread onlySIGFPE:SigNum

@:enumstaticread onlySIGHUP:SigNum

@:enumstaticread onlySIGILL:SigNum

@:enumstaticread onlySIGINT:SigNum

@:enumstaticread onlySIGKILL:SigNum

@:enumstaticread onlySIGSEGV:SigNum

@:enumstaticread onlySIGTERM:SigNum

@:enumstaticread onlySIGWINCH:SigNum