Signed 64-bit integer type and operations.

Static variables

staticfinalread onlyMAX:Int64

The greatest representable Int64 value.

staticfinalread onlyMIN:Int64

The smallest representable Int64 value.

staticfinalread onlyONE:Int64

The integer 1

staticfinalread onlyZERO:Int64

The integer 0

Static methods

@:noExprstaticcompare(a:Int64, b:Int64):Int

Compare given values. Returns 0 if the values are equal. Returns negative integer if a is lesser than b. Returns positive integer if a is greater than b.

@:noExprstaticmax(a:Int64, b:Int64):Int64

Returns the greater of a and b.

@:noExprstaticmin(a:Int64, b:Int64):Int64

Returns the lesser of a and b.



Convert the given int value to Int64.


Parse the given string value to Int64. Throws if the given string is not a valid representation of Int64.



@:noExprstaticremainder(this:Int64, u:Int64):Int64

Integer remainder. Throws if the divisor is zero.




Convert to haxe.Int64.


Convert to an integer value. The 64-bit signed integer is taken modulo 2{^32}, i.e. the top 32 bits are lost during the conversion.


Return the string representation of this value.


Convert to an unsigned integer value.