The legacy PerformanceNavigation interface represents information about how the navigation to the current document was done.

Documentation PerformanceNavigation by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.

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Static variables

@:value(2)staticinlineread onlyTYPE_BACK_FORWARD:Int = 2

@:value(0)staticinlineread onlyTYPE_NAVIGATE:Int = 0

@:value(1)staticinlineread onlyTYPE_RELOAD:Int = 1

@:value(255)staticinlineread onlyTYPE_RESERVED:Int = 255


read onlyredirectCount:Int

An unsigned short representing the number of REDIRECTs done before reaching the page.

read onlytype:Int



Is a jsonizer returning a json object representing the PerformanceNavigation object.