A NodeFilter interface represents an object used to filter the nodes in a NodeIterator or TreeWalker. They don't know anything about the DOM or how to traverse nodes; they just know how to evaluate a single node against the provided filter.

Documentation NodeFilter by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.

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Static variables

@:value(1)staticinlineread onlyFILTER_ACCEPT:Int = 1

@:value(2)staticinlineread onlyFILTER_REJECT:Int = 2

@:value(3)staticinlineread onlyFILTER_SKIP:Int = 3

@:value(cast 4294967295)staticinlineread onlySHOW_ALL:Int = cast 4294967295

@:value(2)staticinlineread onlySHOW_ATTRIBUTE:Int = 2

@:value(8)staticinlineread onlySHOW_CDATA_SECTION:Int = 8

@:value(128)staticinlineread onlySHOW_COMMENT:Int = 128

@:value(256)staticinlineread onlySHOW_DOCUMENT:Int = 256

@:value(1024)staticinlineread onlySHOW_DOCUMENT_FRAGMENT:Int = 1024

@:value(512)staticinlineread onlySHOW_DOCUMENT_TYPE:Int = 512

@:value(1)staticinlineread onlySHOW_ELEMENT:Int = 1

@:value(32)staticinlineread onlySHOW_ENTITY:Int = 32

@:value(16)staticinlineread onlySHOW_ENTITY_REFERENCE:Int = 16

@:value(2048)staticinlineread onlySHOW_NOTATION:Int = 2048

@:value(64)staticinlineread onlySHOW_PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION:Int = 64

@:value(4)staticinlineread onlySHOW_TEXT:Int = 4



Returns an unsigned short that will be used to tell if a given Node must be accepted or not by the NodeIterator or TreeWalker iteration algorithm. This method is expected to be written by the user of a NodeFilter. Possible return values are:

		<td class="header">Constant</td>
		<td class="header">Description</td>
		<td>Value returned by the <code>NodeFilter.acceptNode()</code> method when a node should be accepted.</td>
		<td>Value to be returned by the <code>NodeFilter.acceptNode()</code> method when a node should be rejected. For <code>TreeWalker</code>, child nodes are also rejected. For <code>NodeIterator</code>, this flag is synonymous with FILTER_SKIP.</td>
		<td>Value to be returned by <code>NodeFilter.acceptNode()</code> for nodes to be skipped by the <code>NodeIterator</code> or <code>TreeWalker</code> object. The children of skipped nodes are still considered. This is treated as "skip this node but not its children".</td>