The Navigator interface represents the state and the identity of the user agent. It allows scripts to query it and to register themselves to carry on some activities.

Documentation Navigator by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.

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read onlyappName:String

read onlybuildID:String

Returns the build identifier of the browser (e.g., "2006090803").

read onlycookieEnabled:Bool

Returns false if setting a cookie will be ignored and true otherwise.

read onlydoNotTrack:String

Reports the value of the user's do-not-track preference. When this value is "yes", your web site or application should not track the user.

read onlygeolocation:Geolocation

Returns a Geolocation object allowing accessing the location of the device.

read onlylanguage:String

read onlymediaDevices:MediaDevices

Returns a reference to a MediaDevices object which can then be used to get information about available media devices (MediaDevices.enumerateDevices()), find out what constrainable properties are supported for media on the user's computer and user agent (MediaDevices.getSupportedConstraints()), and to request access to media using MediaDevices.getUserMedia().

read onlyonLine:Bool

read onlyoscpu:String

Returns a string that represents the current operating system.

read onlypermissions:Permissions

Returns a Permissions object that can be used to query and update permission status of APIs covered by the Permissions API.

read onlyplatform:String

read onlyproduct:String

read onlyproductSub:String

Returns the build number of the current browser (e.g., "20060909").

read onlyserviceWorker:ServiceWorkerContainer

Returns a ServiceWorkerContainer object, which provides access to registration, removal, upgrade, and communication with the ServiceWorker objects for the associated document.

read onlyuserAgent:String

read onlyvendor:String

Returns the vendor name of the current browser (e.g., "Netscape6").

read onlyvendorSub:String

Returns the vendor version number (e.g. "6.1").