The IntersectionObserverEntry interface of the Intersection Observer API describes the intersection between the target element and its root container at a specific moment of transition.

Documentation IntersectionObserverEntry by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.

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read onlyboundingClientRect:DOMRectReadOnly

Returns the bounds rectangle of the target element as a DOMRectReadOnly. The bounds are computed as described in the documentation for Element.getBoundingClientRect().

read onlyintersectionRatio:Float

Returns the ratio of the intersectionRect to the boundingClientRect.

read onlyintersectionRect:DOMRectReadOnly

Returns a DOMRectReadOnly representing the target's visible area.

read onlyisIntersecting:Bool

A Boolean value which is true if the target element intersects with the intersection observer's root. If this is true, then, the IntersectionObserverEntry describes a transition into a state of intersection; if it's false, then you know the transition is from intersecting to not-intersecting.

read onlyrootBounds:DOMRectReadOnly

Returns a DOMRectReadOnly for the intersection observer's root.

read onlytarget:Element

The Element whose intersection with the root changed.

read onlytime:Float

A DOMHighResTimeStamp indicating the time at which the intersection was recorded, relative to the IntersectionObserver's time origin.