The FileSystemEntry interface of the File and Directory Entries API represents a single in a file system. The entry can be a file or a directory (directories are represented by the DirectoryEntry interface). It includes methods for working with files—including copying, moving, removing, and reading files—as well as information about a file it points to—including the file name and its path from the root to the entry.

Documentation FileSystemEntry by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.

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read onlyfilesystem:FileSystem

A FileSystem object representing the file system in which the entry is located.

read onlyfullPath:String

A USVString object which provides the full, absolute path from the file system's root to the entry; it can also be thought of as a path which is relative to the root directory, prepended with a "/" character.

read onlyisDirectory:Bool

A Boolean which is true if the entry represents a directory; otherwise, it's false.

read onlyisFile:Bool

A Boolean which is true if the entry represents a file. If it's not a file, this value is false.

read onlyname:String

A USVString containing the name of the entry (the final part of the path, after the last "/" character).


getParent(?successCallback:FileSystemEntry ‑> Void, ?errorCallback:DOMException ‑> Void):Void

getParent(?successCallback:Function, ?errorCallback:Function):Void

getParent(?successCallback:Null<FileSystemEntryCallback>, ?errorCallback:Null<ErrorCallback>):Void