A DOMPoint object represents a 2D or 3D point in a coordinate system; it includes values for the coordinates in up to three dimensions, as well as an optional perspective value.

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Static methods


@:value({ w : 1.0, z : 0.0, y : 0.0, x : 0.0 })new(x:Float = 0.0, y:Float = 0.0, z:Float = 0.0, w:Float = 1.0)




Inherited Variables

Defined by DOMPointReadOnly

read onlyw:Float

The point's perspective value, w.

read onlyx:Float

The point's horizontal coordinate, x.

read onlyy:Float

The point's vertical coordinate, y.

read onlyz:Float

The point's depth coordinate, z.

Inherited Methods

Defined by DOMPointReadOnly


Returns a JSON representation of the DOMPointReadOnly object.