The CSSKeyframesRule interface describes an object representing a complete set of keyframes for a CSS animation. It corresponds to the contains of a whole @keyframes at-rule. It implements the CSSRule interface with a type value of 7 (CSSRule.KEYFRAMES_RULE).

Documentation CSSKeyframesRule by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.

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read onlycssRules:CSSRuleList

Returns a CSSRuleList of the CSS rules in the media rule.


Represents the name of the animation, used by the animation-name property.



Inserts a new keyframe rule into the current CSSKeyframesRule. The parameter is a DOMString containing a keyframe in the same format as an entry of a @keyframes at-rule. If it contains more than one keyframe rule, a DOMException with a SYNTAX_ERR is thrown.


Deletes a keyframe rule from the current CSSKeyframesRule. The parameter is the index of the keyframe to be deleted, expressed as a DOMString resolving as a number between 0% and 100%.


Returns a keyframe rule corresponding to the given key. The key is a DOMString containing an index of the keyframe to be returned, resolving to a percentage between 0% and 100%. If no such keyframe exists, findRule returns null.

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