Platform-specific PHP Library. Provides some platform-specific functions for the PHP target, such as conversion from Haxe types to native types and vice-versa.

Static methods

staticdump (v:Dynamic):Void

Displays structured information about one or more expressions that includes its type and value. Arrays and objects are explored recursively with values indented to show structure.

staticextensionLoaded (name:String):Unknown

Find out whether an extension is loaded.

staticgetClasses ():{}

staticisCli ():Bool

staticloadLib (pathToLib:String):Void

Loads types defined in the specified directory.

staticmail (to:String, subject:String, message:String, ?additionalHeaders:String, ?additionalParameters:String):Bool

See the documentation for the equivalent PHP function for details on usage:




staticprint (v:Dynamic):Void

Print the specified value on the default output.

staticprintFile (file:String):Unknown

Output file content from the given file name.

staticprintln (v:Dynamic):Void

Print the specified value on the default output followed by a newline character.

staticrethrow (e:Dynamic):Void

For neko compatibility only.

staticserialize (v:Dynamic):String

Serialize using native PHP serialization. This will return a binary String that can be stored for long term usage.

staticunserialize (s:String):Dynamic

Unserialize a String using native PHP serialization. See php.Lib.serialize().