Static variables

staticread onlyconsole:ConsoleInstance

Shortcut to Window.console.

staticread onlydocument:HTMLDocument

Shortcut to Window.document.

staticread onlylocation:Location

Shortcut to Window.location.

staticread onlynavigator:Navigator

Shortcut to Window.navigator.

staticread onlyself:WorkerGlobalScope

The global scope typed with fields available only in a worker context.

staticread onlysupported:Bool

True if a window object exists, false otherwise.

This can be used to check if the code is being executed in a non-browser environment such as node.js.

staticread onlywindow:Window

The global window object.

Static methods


Display an alert message box containing the given message. See also Window.alert().


Creates an XMLHttpRequest, with a fallback to ActiveXObject for ancient versions of Internet Explorer.


Safely gets the browser's local storage, or returns null if localStorage is unsupported or disabled.


Safely gets the browser's session storage, or returns null if sessionStorage is unsupported or disabled.