Static variables

staticread onlyconsole:Console

Shortcut to Window.console.

staticread onlydocument:HTMLDocument

Shortcut to Window.document.

staticread onlylocation:Location

Shortcut to Window.location.

staticread onlynavigator:Navigator

Shortcut to Window.navigator.

staticread onlysupported:Bool

True if a window object exists, false otherwise.

This can be used to check if the code is being executed in a non-browser environment such as node.js.

staticread onlywindow:Window

The global window object.

Static methods

staticalert (v:Dynamic):Void

Display an alert message box containing the given message. See also Window.alert().

@:has_untypedstaticcreateXMLHttpRequest ():XMLHttpRequest

Creates an XMLHttpRequest, with a fallback to ActiveXObject for ancient versions of Internet Explorer.

staticgetLocalStorage ():Storage

Safely gets the browser's local storage, or returns null if localStorage is unsupported or disabled.

staticgetSessionStorage ():Storage

Safely gets the browser's session storage, or returns null if sessionStorage is unsupported or disabled.