ThreadInfo describes the state of a single thread.

Static variables

@:value(1)staticinlineread onlySTATUS_RUNNING:Int = 1

@:value(3)staticinlineread onlySTATUS_STOPPED_BREAKPOINT:Int = 3

@:value(2)staticinlineread onlySTATUS_STOPPED_BREAK_IMMEDIATE:Int = 2

@:value(5)staticinlineread onlySTATUS_STOPPED_CRITICAL_ERROR:Int = 5

@:value(4)staticinlineread onlySTATUS_STOPPED_UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION:Int = 4


@:value({ criticalErrorDescription : null, breakpoint : -1 })new(number:Int, status:Int, breakpoint:Int = -1, ?criticalErrorDescription:String)


read onlybreakpoint:Int

If status is "stopped breakpoint", this is the breakpoint number

read onlycriticalErrorDescription:String

If status is "critical error", this describes the error

read onlynumber:Int

0 is never a valid thread number

read onlystack:Array<StackFrame>

Stack will be listed with the lowest frame first

read onlystatus:Int