Platform-specific Python Library. Provides some platform-specific functions for the Python target, such as conversion from Haxe types to native types and vice-versa.

Static variables

staticread only__name__:String

Static methods

@:access(python.Boot.isAnonObject)staticanonAsDict (o:{}):Dict<String, Dynamic>

Returns the underlying Dictionary of the anonymous object o. Modifications to this dictionary are reflected in the anonymous Object too.

@:access(python.Boot.isAnonObject)staticanonToDict (o:{}):Dict<String, Dynamic>

Returns a flat copy of the underlying Dictionary of o.

staticinlinedictAsAnon (d:Dict<String, Dynamic>):Dynamic

Returns the Dictionary d as an anonymous Object. Modifications to the object are reflected in the Dictionary too.

staticdictToAnon (v:Dict<String, Dynamic>):Dynamic

Returns an anonymous Object which holds the same data as the Dictionary v.

staticinlineprint (v:Dynamic):Void

Print the specified value on the default output.

staticinlineprintln (v:Dynamic):Void

Print the specified value on the default output followed by a newline character.

staticinlinetoHaxeIterable<T> (it:NativeIterable<T>):HaxeIterable<T>

Return Haxe iterable from Python native iterable.

staticinlinetoHaxeIterator<T> (it:NativeIterator<T>):HaxeIterator<T>

Return Haxe iterator instance from Python native iterable.

statictoPythonIterable<T> (it:Iterable<T>):NativeIterable<T>

Return Python native iterable from Haxe iterable.