Static methods

staticaddBreakpoint(file:String, line:Int):Void



Loads and returns a plugin from file filePath.

If Haxe is built natively, the extension automatically defaults to .cmxs, even if a different extension is provided in filePath. In bytecode mode, the default extension is .cmo.

Sample plugin:

open EvalValue
open EvalContext
open EvalEncode

let add_int = vfun2 (fun v1 v2 -> match v1,v2 with
	| VInt32 i1,VInt32 i2 -> vint32 (Int32.add i1 i2)
	| _ -> exc_string "Expected int + int"
EvalStdLib.StdContext.register ["add_int",add_int]

Usage from Haxe:

var module:TestPlugin = eval.vm.Context.loadPlugin("testPlugin.cmo");
trace(module.add_int(4, 3));

Plugins have to be compiled with the same OCaml version as the Haxe compiler and using the same Haxe version. If a plugin cannot be loaded, an exception of type String is thrown.