The MediaDevicesInfo interface contains information that describes a single media input or output device.

Documentation MediaDeviceInfo by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.

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read onlydeviceId:String

Returns a DOMString that is an identifier for the represented device that is persisted across sessions. It is un-guessable by other applications and unique to the origin of the calling application. It is reset when the user clears cookies (for Private Browsing, a different identifier is used that is not persisted across sessions).

read onlygroupId:String

Returns a DOMString that is a group identifier. Two devices have the same group identifier if they belong to the same physical device — for example a monitor with both a built-in camera and a microphone.

read onlykind:MediaDeviceKind

Returns an enumerated value that is either "videoinput", "audioinput" or "audiooutput".

read onlylabel:String

Returns a DOMString that is a label describing this device (for example "External USB Webcam").