Platform-specific Python Library. Provides some platform-specific functions for the Python target, such as conversion from Haxe types to native types and vice-versa.

Static variables

staticread only__name__:String

Static methods

@:access(python.Boot.isAnonObject)staticanonAsDict(o:{}):Dict<String, Dynamic>

Returns the underlying Dictionary of the anonymous object o. Modifications to this dictionary are reflected in the anonymous Object too.

@:access(python.Boot.isAnonObject)staticanonToDict(o:{}):Dict<String, Dynamic>

Returns a flat copy of the underlying Dictionary of o.

staticinlinedictAsAnon(d:Dict<String, Dynamic>):Dynamic

Returns the Dictionary d as an anonymous Object. Modifications to the object are reflected in the Dictionary too.

staticdictToAnon(v:Dict<String, Dynamic>):Dynamic

Returns an anonymous Object which holds the same data as the Dictionary v.


Print the specified value on the default output.


Print the specified value on the default output followed by a newline character.


Return Haxe iterable from Python native iterable.


Return Haxe iterator instance from Python native iterable.


Return Python native iterable from Haxe iterable.