An exception that is thrown when requested function or operation does not have an implementation.


@:value({ message : "Not implemented" })new(message:String = "Not implemented", ?previous:Exception, ?pos:Null<PosInfos>)

Inherited Variables

Defined by PosException


Position where this exception was created.

Defined by Exception

read onlymessage:String

Exception message.

read onlynative:Any

Native exception, which caused this exception.

read onlyprevious:Null<Exception>

Contains an exception, which was passed to previous constructor argument.

read onlystack:CallStack

The call stack at the moment of the exception creation.

Inherited Methods

Defined by PosException


Returns exception message.

Defined by Exception


Detailed exception description.

Includes message, stack and the chain of previous exceptions (if set).


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