Platform-specific JavaScript Library. Provides some platform-specific functions for the JavaScript target.

Static variables

staticread onlyglobal:Dynamic

An alias of the JS "global" object.

Concretely, it is set as the first defined value in the list of window, global, self, and this in the top-level of the compiled output.

staticread onlynativeThis:Dynamic

nativeThis is the JavaScript this, which is semantically different from the Haxe this. Use nativeThis only when working with external JavaScript code.

In Haxe, this is always bound to a class instance. In JavaScript, this in a function can be bound to an arbitrary variable when the function is called using, ...) or func.apply(thisObj, [...]).


staticread onlyundefined:Dynamic

Returns JavaScript undefined value.

Note that this is only needed in very rare cases when working with external JavaScript code.

In Haxe, null is used to represent the absence of a value.

Static methods


Deprecated: "Lib.alert() is deprecated, use Browser.alert() instead"

Use Browser.alert() instead.

Display an alert message box containing the given message.


Inserts a 'debugger' statement that will make a breakpoint if a debugger is available.



Inserts a require expression that loads JavaScript object from a module or file specified in the module argument.

This is only supported in environments where require function is available, such as Node.js or RequireJS.


Re-throw last cathed exception, preserving original stack information.

Calling this only makes sense inside a catch statement.