Static variables

Static methods

@:value({ fileName : "hlmemory.dump" })staticdumpMemory (fileName:String = "hlmemory.dump"):Void

Dump whole memory into target filename for analysis.

@:hlNative("std","gc_enable")staticenable (b:Bool):Void

@:hlNative("std","gc_major")staticmajor ():Void

staticstats ():{totalAllocated:Float, currentMemory:Float, allocationCount:Float}

statictrack (obj:Dynamic, field:String, callb:Dynamic ‑> Bytes ‑> Void):Void

Start tracking an object field change. The check will be performed every allocation and the callback function triggered everytime a change has been performed since last check. The callback parameter is true if the object was collected. It is necessary to enable the Track flag in Gc.flags

@:hlNative("std","gc_track_count")statictrackCount ():Int

staticuntrack (obj:Dynamic):Bool

@:hlNative("std","gc_untrack_all")staticuntrackAll ():Void