This class runs unit test cases and prints the result.

var r = new haxe.unit.TestRunner();
r.add(new MyTestCase());
// add other TestCases here

// finally, run the tests;



new ()


read onlyresult:TestResult

The unit test results. Available after the run() is called.


add (c:TestCase):Void

Add TestCase instances to the unit test.

run ():Bool

Runs the unit tests and prints the results.


true if the unit test succesfully executed the test cases.

Static methods

@:has_untypedstaticdynamicprint (v:Dynamic):Void

Prints the given object/value.

Flash outputs the result in a new TextField on stage. JavaScript outputs the result using console.log. Other targets use native print to output the result.

	This function is `dynamic` so it can be overriden in custom setups.