This class provides some methods which can be invoked from command line using --macro server.field(args).

Static methods


Available on macro

Invalidates all files given in filePaths, removing them from the cache.

@:value({ contextOptions : NormalContext, recursive : true })staticsetModuleCheckPolicy(pathFilters:Array<String>, policy:Array<ModuleCheckPolicy>, recursive:Bool = true, contextOptions:ContextOptions = NormalContext):Void

Available on macro

Sets the ModuleCheckPolicy of all files whose dot-path matches an element of pathFilters.

If recursive is true, a dot-path is considered matched if it starts with the path filter. This automatically applies to path filters of packages. Otherwise an exact match is required.

If an element in pathFilters is the empty String "" it matches everything (if recursive = true) or only top-level types (if recursive = false).

The argument contextOptions determines which context (normal, macro or both) this affects.

If a call to this function is added to the compilation parameters, the compilation server should be restarted to ensure it takes effect.